Why a Girl Needs Bling in Her Life?

Girls love being surrounded by everything bling and they totally deserve to. We exactly understand why!

So why does a girl need bling & sparkles in her life? Because

1. The bling from her necklace cheers her up when she is down and low.

2. Her eyes shine so bright with joy when her man gifts her that little piece of bling. Every girl deserves

that once in her life.

3. She needs to know how her smile dazzles just like the diamonds in her necklace.

4. To remind her she is still that daddy’s little girl in a sparkly frilly frock dancing to the nursery rhymes.

5. So that her earrings will make her realize how equally she soarkles, standing out from the crowd.

6. And last but not the least, just because she can carry off all the bling like a boss!


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 Minimal Bling by Blinglane